Getting Started As A Front-End Web Developer

Every so often I'm asked how someone might get started as a web designer or developer. These are my thoughts and are based on my own experience.

iPad & YouTube - 'This video is currently unavailable.' Error

Everyone watches videos on YouTube. And YouTube allows anyone with a website to embed their videos wherever they want. But there's a problem with YouTube's service and little to no documentation about it.

I've Been Drafted

Dribbble is an elite community of designers sharing what they're working on. For years I have cursed the site and it's eliteness. Today, I have been drafted.

Best Way to Force External Website Links to Open In New Window

Gone are the days of adding target='_blank' to each and every link on a page. jQuery, the superhero of the Internet, saves the day once again.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

It's an age old question and one most web professionals cringe at when they're asked it. Pricing a website doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach.