The Difference Between Angular's $http and $resource Services

I tend to stick with the $http service as it works well and has no suprises. But, I can see the allure of the $resource service. Here's a really brief demo.

Angular ngRepeat and ngOptions Comparison

Both ngRepeat and ngOptions give you the ability to populate a list of options in a select input. Each has their place and I'm going to demonstrate where you'd use them.

How to Watch Scope Properties in Angular with TypeScript

There's more than one way to watch a property on your scope in Angular. I'll show you the best way to setup a watch using TypeScript.

Killing Windows Tasks from the Command Line

Working in Visual Studio and using Task Runner Explorer makes running gulp tasks within the IDE super convenient. But when Visual Studio crashes (all too often) and your watch task is still running in the background, you need a way to stop the process so you can start it again or run other gulp tasks.

The Best Way to Setup AngularJS Controllers: The Basics

Most AngularJS tutorials lead new developers down a dark and narrow path. Once your app has more than a few controllers and templates, things start to break down and you'll end up refactoring the entire application.