A New Startup Teaches Kids to Code

Tynker is providing resources to elementary schools that help develop basic computer knowledge and programming skills.

I’ve considered exposing my daughters to programming, but not too seriously. When I was a their age I didn’t have a computer. I got my first computer when I was a Freshman in High School. As soon as I started using it, I wanted to make something. I began by using MS Paint or similar graphics programs and later moved into the world of GeoCities and began learning HTML.

My kids have been exposed to computers since the day they were born and my oldest daughter has been creating artwork in MS Paint. But what else can she do? How will she learn these skills?

A startup, Tynker, is teaching kids programming fundamentals to give them a solid computer science foundation. VentureBeat has a great article you should read if you’d like more information: Why your 8-year-old should be coding