Developing In The Open: Planning

I've started a new project and I'm sharing my progress, struggles, and successes along the way.

The Project: Chore Quest
Description: An adventure game to encourage kids to do their chores.
Status (Jan. 10, 2015): Defined basic account and user schemas. Working on user authentication.

We have three kids, two girls [9 & 6] and a boy [1]. Like most parents, we assign chores to our kids (excluding the boy because he’s not big enough to scrub the toilet… Yet!) and entice them with a reward of some kind if they do a good job. Some parents give their kids money, some go to the park or a movie, and some get a special treat like candy or ice cream. But sometimes the reward itself isn’t enough to motivate. Chores should be fun.

Chore Quest aims to make chores fun for both kids and parents. It’s a web based platform where parents can map quests for their kids and complete tasks (chores) along the way. Parents will assign points or rewards to a chore and quest.

I am in the very early stages of planning this project. I’ve decided the technology and am moving forward bit by bit to make an MVP. My MVP is very loosely defined in that it will have a simple user interface for parents and kids to manage tasks.

Some firsts that I have or will encounter along the way:

  1. Learn MongoDB (Mongoose)
  2. Learn Angular Material
  3. Learn Mandrill

Here’s what the technology stack looks like:

  • Backend: Node with Express. JWT for Auth.
  • Database: MongoDB.
  • Front End: AngularJS.
  • UI: Material Design.

Some might call this a MEAN Stack

I’m really excited about this project and hope to make great progress in the next few months. Look for a huge launch party announcement in late Summer 2015… Or not!

Wish me luck!